Kalevala Birch Sap Vodka 40% 500ml 6430052160300

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The Birch Sap Vodka from Kalevala is the first of its kind and a very special creation. For its production the distillery has joined forces with a renowned producer of birch sap from the region. Thus, based on the classic Kalevala Vodka, Birch Sap Vodka is reduced to drinking strength not with water but with the best local organic birch juice. The result: a wonderful vodka with a unique touch.

The Kalevala Birch Sap Vodka directly creates a beautiful, slightly oily mouthfeel with subtle floral and woody notes. The birch sap provides a sweet, round and balanced aroma. A pinch of white pepper is added to the finish, giving Kalevala Birch Sap Vodka further depth of taste.

Our recommendation: Enjoy it pure!


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